Sunday, 7 February 2016

lemur free

T R A V E L || Madagascar 2015

What do you normally do when you travel somewhere? Most people would say: make a list of the things I have to see and then go see them. Whenever Madagascar is brought up as a destination, most conversations usually turn to either lemurs or vanilla, oh and that children's film [I'm sure you've heard of it] - unsurprising, given they are the most pushed images of the country. So when I say I went to Madagascar and saw zero lemurs [this was a jungle free trip], the way people react makes me smile. I've seen lemurs before, I love them to bits but sometimes other animals from Madagascar should get the spotlight, you know what I mean? The beauty of this particular destination is that it has been a relatively isolated island for around 88 million years and as a result about 90% of its plant and animal species are endemic [i.e. found nowhere else, lemurs included of course]. Evolution is fascinating, and I get it - lemurs are pretty awesome, and very cute - but let's just take a moment to hero their sidekicks.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

hello 2016

hello again. || to a brand new year.

I'm back and ready to embrace this new year's adventures. Some thoughts on how I plan to attack 2016 in style if you read on, complimented by a photo diary of the new light festival held in London this month called Lumiere. It was a super cold outing but refreshing hit of fun, brightness and creativity during a month which tends to feel quite long and grey [sorry January] - making my post-holidays-come-down that little bit less of a downer.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

giving thanks

E V E N T || Thanksgiving 2015

This beautiful table setting before your eyes is the work of hostess with the mostest Miss KK - every year for the last few she's invited a small group of us to come over for a tasty feast and to just enjoy each other's company. Though I may not be from the US of A, I love being part of this particular holiday with KK because when you're far away from home your friends really do become your extended family, something I have always appreciated in my own life. Most of us might feel thankful for different things as we go about our everyday, but how often do we ever stop, share and acknowledge what we're most thankful for amongst good friends and family? I like that at least once a year I get the chance to do just that. So much can happen and change over a year that the good things, big or small, can easily pass us by or get forgotten. The other bonus of Thanksgiving? I also get to learn a new recipe and eat a whole lot of great food!