Monday, 27 July 2015

womud wishlist

E V E N T || WOMAD festival 2015, a wishlist for day three

Unfortunately, as the weather became progressively wet and worse I was outnumbered and collectively we decided not to head into Womud for day three. I had been hopeful that the start of the day would be pretty miserable [so naturally, avoid] but then it would clear and there would only be light showers  [there were several acts in the late afternoon and evening that I really wanted to see] - so I thought I would give you a flavour of the music [and food I'd be eating] if I had been there. This is a fantastic festival to immerse yourself in and as gutted as I was to miss the finale, the first two days were great fun. Come rain or shine, I'd always highly recommend this festival - there is no other place to hear music from all over the world you might not have heard otherwise.

Big Thanks again to WOMAD and see you next year!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

sun in mud

E V E N T || WOMAD Festival 2015, day two

Do you trust these colourful smiley people? I certainly did, so naturally had to grab a quick snap with them. How could you not, just look at those suits. It's amazing the difference a bit of sun can make to a whole festival - the number of people on site near tripled vs. rainy day one, smiles were everywhere [as well as a lot more flesh on show] and I consumed not one but two ice creams in one day [I decided to call the second a palette cleanser to balance the universe out so don't panic]. Therefore, I've decided that festivals should always just be sunny because you see a lot more, feel relatively more free to explore [limit the mudmageddon] and get to eat ice cream [the latter is of course the most important]. Day Two included watching a couple of legends [Cheikh Lô and Aurelio] as well as discovering some super talented new favourites [Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp]. Thanks again WOMAD, you legend - until tomorrow!

big shout out to these super fly dudes for adding some cheer into my day.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

hello womud

E V E N T || WOMAD Festival 2015, day one

Despite the heavy rainfall [great timing world], I am so happy to be back at WOMAD festival drinking in some of the best music from around the world at the moment. It wasn't great that the grey and rain had to stay around all day but as soon as I stepped into the arena and saw the flags I forgot about being cold and wet [nearly]. To add to the cheer, today we nicknamed ourselves Wet Cat and Damp Elle, two extremely attractive names for young ladies at a family, friendly festival. We made it work though - had lots of yummy, warming food throughout the day [including a Goan mackerel curry - YUM] and tried to stay in the tent venues to watch as much as we could. Exploring and shopping can be for tomorrow when [cross cross cross fingers] it will be sunny!