2 May 2016

tea at the ritz darling

F O O D || afternoon tea @ The Ritz

A couple of weekends ago, I got the chance to tick off a little something special on my To Eat list: afternoon tea at The Ritz London. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty fancy affair [read on to temporarily step inside with me and see more snaps of the actual tea]. Even days before, I was contemplating what to wear [I didn't want to stand out like a sore thumb or look like I was trying too hard] and wondering whether everything inside The Ritz would be covered in gold [I wasn't far off… minus the marble and palm trees]. The atmosphere and service definitely didn't disappoint with the afternoon tea itself being delightful but [controversially] amongst but not the best in LDN. [8 / 10]

18 April 2016

ducky duck duck

R E S E T || that duck life

Hi team, it's been a while. I have been seriously lacking in this bloggy-business but rest assured I have built up all that suspense for a magnificent post, all about… ducks. That's right, see picture above if you can't remember what one looks like. "But Cathia, why haven't you posted anything for a month and where have you been?!" I hear you all cry [maybe]. Well my friends, I have been busy taking pictures of ducks and doing other fun life activities of a similar nature. I also lost my camera cable which has resulted in lazy-blogging-habits-failure. Excuses aside [e.g. the ducks ate my homework], if you want to know why I am sharing nice pictures of ducks with you, please, read on.

6 March 2016

rice with meatballs

F O O D || recipe

Grandpa's been at it again, sharing the foodie-love and has hit me up with another delicious recipe - this time, for rice and meatballs. "But don't you normally eat meatballs with spaghetti?!" I hear you cry. Well, not in Madagascar my friends - it's always about the rice. If you've missed why, then have a little read of i love rice. If you want to find out how to make this delicious number, scroll on. If you end up trying it, grandpa and I would love to hear how it went!